July 15, 2023

Taking Flight with Stijn De Jaeghere: How Avi8Art Soared from Article to Photoshoot

Sometimes, life’s most meaningful connections are formed through unexpected collaborations. My journey with Avi8Art began with an encounter that transcended the realms of photography and aviation. Stijn De Jaeghere, an extraordinary pilot and flying nurse, became both my muse and mentor. This blog post chronicles our initial meeting to write an article for Hangar Flying and Krant van West-Vlaanderen, which led to an exhilarating photoshoot and the birth of Avi8Art.

Destiny brought Stijn and me together for a joint venture—an article that aimed to capture his inspiring story. In the collaborative process, we delved into Stijn’s multifaceted life as a flying nurse and an aerobatics pilot. Our discussions revealed a man driven by compassion, professionalism, and an unyielding passion for aviation. The article, published in both Hangar Flying and De Krant van West-Vlaanderen, became a testament to Stijn’s remarkable journey.

Unveiling Stijn De Jaeghere’s Inspiring Story:

The article I wrote for Hangar Flying shed light on the remarkable individual behind the pilot. Stijn De Jaeghere emerged as more than just a pilot; he was a flying nurse, dedicated to providing essential care and support to those in need through his own home care business.

Stijn De Jaeghere and Tom Brinckman, the first encounter in 2017.

Stijn’s role as a home care nurse highlighted his compassion, selflessness, and unwavering dedication to his profession. He served as a lifeline to individuals and families, offering critical assistance and improving their quality of life. Stijn’s ability to balance his roles as a pilot and a home care nurse exemplified his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Through his personal and professional pursuits, Stijn inspires others to embrace their passions and strive for excellence.

From Pen to Lens: The Exclusive Photoshoot

Impressed by Stijn’s inspiring story, I expressed a desire to capture his essence through photography. Recognizing the potential in this collaboration, Stijn graciously agreed to participate in an exclusive photoshoot. The shoot took place in the hangar in Wevelgem, where his Texan T-6 aircraft awaited its moment in front of the lens. Together, we transformed the hangar into a vibrant canvas, capturing the aviation beauty that enveloped us.

Stijn’s Push for Avi8Art’s Takeoff

As we reviewed the photographs from the exclusive shoot, Stijn’s genuine enthusiasm and encouragement became evident. He recognized the artistic potential in my work and fervently urged me to embrace Avi8Art as a full-fledged endeavor. Stijn’s unwavering support and belief in my ability ignited a newfound confidence, compelling me to take flight with Avi8Art.

In the realm of creativity, unforeseen collaborations often yield the most profound results. My journey with Avi8Art was catalyzed by a meeting of minds with Stijn De Jaeghere. Together, we embarked on the creation of an article, uncovering Stijn’s inspiring story for Hangar Flying and Krant van West-Vlaanderen. This initial partnership evolved into an exhilarating photoshoot, capturing the essence of aviation through my lens.

“Through our collaboration, Stijn propelled Avi8Art to take flight, encouraging me to embrace my artistic vision fully.”

Tom Brinckman, founder of Avi8Art

Stijn’s personal and professional accomplishments serve as a constant source of inspiration. His role as a flying nurse and his passion for aerobatics embody dedication, compassion, and a thirst for adventure. Through our collaboration, Stijn propelled Avi8Art to take flight, encouraging me to embrace my artistic vision fully.

The journey from article to photoshoot represents the transformative power of shared passion and collaboration. It serves as a reminder that the most extraordinary adventures often arise from unexpected encounters. As Avi8Art continues to soar, I remain grateful for the unwavering support and inspiration that Stijn De Jaegher provided, propelling me to new heights of creativity and fulfillment.

Tom Brinckman

July 15, 2023