Legacy of the Skies: The Texan OO-JOY – A Timeless Tribute

The North American AT-6D Texan with the registration number OO-JOY is a historic aircraft with a rich and fascinating history. It was originally built in 1944 with the construction number 121-42228 and entered service with the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) under the military serial 44-81506. Throughout its journey, this Texan has been through various owners and served different purposes, leaving its mark on aviation history.

The Texan began its career as a training aircraft for pilots of four-engine planes at the 2140th Base Unit stationed at Smyrna Field in Tennessee. Over the years, it encountered a couple of incidents, suffering damage due to ground loops. However, it was expertly repaired, ensuring its continued service.

One of the most interesting chapters in its history came in 1954 when the aircraft was acquired by the Panamanian Air Force. During this time, it was assigned the civil registration N7231C. After serving in Panama, the Texan went through a series of changes in ownership and locations, including stints in Texas, Indiana, and England.

In its current configuration, the Texan OO-JOY pays tribute to the USAAF 8th Air Force, 353rd FG Station ‘hack’ stationed at Raydon in Suffolk back in 1944. The aircraft showcases a silver sheen that envelops its frame, accentuated by a bold black and yellow diamond design on the cowling. This historic color scheme symbolizes the valor and dedication of the aviators who flew under the 8th Air Force during World War II.

Type & Model

North American AT-6D Texan

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Kortrijk-Wevelgem, Belgium

"Flying the Texan OO-JOY is an absolute joy! It's a piece of living history, and each flight feels like a tribute to the brave aviators who came before us. The iconic silver sheen and distinctive black and yellow diamond design make it a sight to behold in the sky."_ -

Photography Experience:

Capturing the essence and beauty of the Texan OO-JOY, with its propeller and radial engine, was a thrilling photography experience. To bring out the historical colors of the USAAF 8th Air Force, 353rd FG Station ‘hack,’ advanced light techniques were employed, emphasizing the silver sheen that envelops the aircraft. Carefully chosen angles and lighting were utilized to highlight the propeller and the bold black and yellow diamond design on the cowling, adding to the aircraft’s unique visual appeal.

Print Options

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